Tina's diverse musical background encompasses classical, popular, jazz, Latin and Celtic music.The evocative sound of her flute has captivated audiences across Australia, Europe, Canada and South Africa. 

She appeared as soloist with Queensland and Bavarian orchestras, and has collaborated on solo, ensemble and film music recordings in Sydney, Brisbane, Berlin and Munich.

Tina also enjoys chamber music and has played in flute and guitar duos, flute and harp duos, flute ensembles, string quartets and woodwind quintets. She plays a Powell 018 ST flute.

In 2014, Tina Marsden and Katy Tsai released their first music meditation album entitled 'Journey to the Summit'. Our music takes you on a sound trek - exploring the magic of timelessness and absolute surrender. Let the silky sound of flute and piano resonate with the milestones of your personal journey - taking you to a space of solace, serenity and clarity at this juncture.