Student and Parent Testimonials

"Tina taught me for the first two years of playing the flute in Munich and she made lessons really fun for beginners. Tina clearly conveyed the joy of music making through her playful way of teaching. I learnt so much and developed a good basis for my years of flute playing to follow. We're still in touch with each other today."

Ariane, student from Germany

"I'm really proud of my progress, and if I'd known how far my flute playing had come this year, last year, I'd call it the impossible. With all your help, I was able to tongue properly, sightread, understand rhythms, play scales and do an AMEB exam."

Katarina, 10 yrs old

"Personal confidence plays an essential role in my daily life as a small business manager and lawyer. Tina Marsden’s encouraging teaching style, together with events which saw me perform Australia-wide, inspired my belief that anything is possible through optimism and hard work. Studying under Tina gave me confidence that motivated my personal and professional life which I will treasure forever."

Tristan, student of 6 years

"Tina's musical approach to teaching helped my musicality to blossom."

Greta, flute lessons for 7 yrs , Music degree graduate and currently a flute tutor

"Tina is the most organised and most motivated music teacher I’ve experienced. Lessons are on time and any make-up lessons are quickly organised. She is dedicated to being there, regardless. Tina also organises extra practices if an exam or performance is imminent. We receive lots of information about upcoming events, notice for new books or educational material via email on a regular basis."

Eva-Marie, flute student's mum

"Lessons with Tina helped me begin my own journey as a teacher. The skills she passed on remain as a foundation to my teaching to this day."

Helen, mature aged student and current Suzuki method flute teacher

"Through lessons with Tina and playing with the school band, my daughter has found an outlet for expression, discipline and growth. Her confidence in almost every aspect of her character has evolved so much because of music."

Sandy, flute student's mum

"I love the stickers I get when I play well in lessons!"

Current Year 3 student, Sydney